Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A trend toward Orange.....Equestrian and Hermes

this is Hermes ad campaign for India
I guess inspiration comes from many children inspire me daily, my store gives me inspiration - even my husband gives me inspiration.....lately it has really been all about Hermes....I know it sounds odd...but I received a shipment of Vintage Hermes boxes from Germany - they are currently sitting in my store window stacked like the ones I saw in a french magazine...they are awesome - I look at them daily...who would have guessed I would be inspired by orange boxes...

I now have developed an infatuation with the Hermes Orange....everything I see all around me is linked somewhat to the Hermes Orange - new blogs, tv, magazines, everything - it seems that the trend has led itself to orange, horse themed decor and well you guessed it Hermes...

People have been trying to colour match the Hermes of the blogs posted a Benjamin Moore swatch that is pretty close. Electric Orange 2015-10 - a client of ours just did there kitchen in Benjamin Moores Tangy orange and I know Nancy loves the colour - her cabinets are all white and her walls are the wonderful tone of tangy orange.
I have been leaning towards painting furniture in a high gloss orange for an instant pop of colour - found the right person to spray the pieces now just need to take the plunge.

Mario, the kids and I are moving in March - the new house has a ceiling height of 20 ft or so in the living space - we will have the loft space upstairs and now are looking for a different inspiration. For those of you who saw our house in the Sept Issue of Chatelaine - some of it will change, whose kidding who...,most of it will change.  I have been inspired by the high ceilings and the odd shapes in the house to lean towards a clean mid century look with over the top french - something like you would see in Elle Decoration magazine. - The room above has a beautiful painted headboard in Hermes orange that is the great pop of colour. - Kind of great.

this is also great - an Hermes orange upholstered headboard
 Flipping through Living Etc - they featured stairs and runners, the space below is so cool - to be daring enough to add the Hermes orange runner and take the step would be ....well...awesome

When I think of how many years I loved Robins egg blue and how successful the colour was for me - I would never have guessed I could give up on it so easily. The orange has been like home - it is a friend - it is cheery and vibrant but also zesty and warm - it is a colour I would never have guessed I would have liked - but it has brightened my outlook on what is out in the design world and left me with a sweet citrus taste.

I need to end with the rest of the Hermes Campaign for India - the photos are stunning and quite comical.....

Oh and one last thing.....delivered the other day via courier was the absolutely wonderful messenger might have remembered that I wrote about it the other postings.....the Hermes Steve Messenger is so freaking awesome you cannot even imagine...I was in the Loblaws yesterday and a lady came up to me to say how beautiful it another compliment.....let them keep coming - because it is worth it....


  1. Isn't it amazing how you can completely overlook something like a colour, but when you start to love it, it is like it magically appears everywhere. I LOVE that Hermas campaign for India. Stunning. I saw a 1950's coffee pot set in orange the other I am thinking I should have bought it.

  2. Orange is a colour that's overlooked sometimes. I'm looking forward to Flik's new obsession with it and where it will go. Also, Hermes' India ad campaign would make for great posters! I'm considering.....

  3. I love this post on Hermes Orange. You've inspired me to paint my two French bedside tables (remember the ones I spent way too much money on and HAD to keep?) the Electric Orange. What do you suggest re finish for most impact against a dark gray wall? Semi gloss?