Thursday, June 23, 2011

There really is an Orange Cow......

JUST IN - Hermes Orange quantities - these are beautiful

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A day in the life of Orange

Today was my day off - Mario, Mari-Sol, Ben and I took a long walk from our house across the Danforth.
Within the first couple of minutes I was thinking that it would be interesting to see how the colour Orange is more common then we think and not just the trend that is current.

Of course we didnt walk all the way down to the Hermes store - but it is a lot more interesting to see how Orange is in some of the most unusual places.... ( dont get me wrong a trip to the Hermes is totally interesting.......)

Walking along the streets of the city - orange is definetly on machinery, construction zones....the obvious pylons, jackets on construction men with neon yellow, signage everywhere.... a lot more common then you think
Any of the Hakim Optical stores have the big orange glasses - this one was one of the older stores and there was definetly lots of orange in their sign.....
Cars drove by - of course there is 2 different taxi companies in the city with orange - Beck Taxi with orange and green and then Diamond with Black and Orange

but then there was a lady who drove past in this.....
bicycle parked on the side

The obvious fruit markets with oranges
Continuing down the street many shades of orange popped up - on the sidewalk markers, the newspaper box

a planter outside of a store

Now ....the best part - walking into the LCBO - right in the very front - one of our favorite champagnes.....and guess was all about the orange.

and then finally.....after the long walk, a quick lunch and kids ready to go home - we took the subway.......and luckily found the old one with of course.....Orange doors...

I guess it gives something to ponder...Orange had its hayday in the 60's - came back again sometime in the 80's and now is a hot of the most expensive companies Hermes has orange as their signature colour and really it is in our daily life hidden or not but blending with everything else that is out there.....
Way to go ORANGE!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Is there really such a thing as an orange cow?

We are currently working on doing the master bedroom in our new house - it is of course the last room to be finished for reasons not really know to either Mario or I?  We had a hard time getting the right inspiration i guess and then all of a sudden it is coming together....the reason of this post is not to show the bedroom - but the cool new cowhide bench that came into the store made for us from a company in montreal.
The hide is dyed Orange - this one came out a little bright - so hopefully the next ones will be in an Hermes Orange - the hide is then added to the shiny metal criss cross frame for a lovely custom bench in front of our bed.

If you notice - the Gerbera daisys that are in the white vase on the chest of drawers is the exact colour of the bench.......
So our next step for this room is to do an orange damask tone on tone wallpaper behind the bed  - stay tuned.......hopefully this wallpaper goes up easier then the last one did.....


Sunday, June 5, 2011

The trend of animals.....Faux or real?

 Lately it seems that everywhere you look it is antlers, hides, turtle shells , zebras etc.....Decorating with animal motifs has always been a trend - fashion has always been hot and they use it not only in clothing but handbags etc.. but more and more people are getting concerned with the impact on the animal world so its become faux......

zebra hide - printed cow hide...not real zebra

Faux zebra rug in orange - Jonathan Adler

this faux hide was available through QVC
 Cowhides - can now be pretty much any colour - any style - our son has a giraffe printed hide in his bedroom - zebra printed hides are seen everywhere and are beautiful on the floor - colours like Hermes Orange - we are working on a bench for the store...Fuscia , Turquoise....can be seen in many design magazines and of course available in faux hide.....

We did the above chair in faux snakeskin - classic style french chair gives this a modern feel...the faux snakeskin is pretty realistic in feel - rub your hand against the weave and it actually feels scaley

Antlers are everywhere lately - Antlers are one of those things that are still in the "Not so bad" category....every year deer shed their antlers - so its not like we are sending people out to get them from the animals...but resin has come a long way.....

antelope antlers on mount - resin
 They look great in decorating....

Always have to add something whimiscal in orange - this is a resin horse mount painted in Hermes Orange - we have rams heads as well.....
tortoise shell bowls - not real
Tortoise shell - resin
 So as you can see - it is easy to find items that are not real - no one needs to smuggle turtle shells across the border anymore - resin ones have made their way in the world and keeping our animals out of harms way.

Polar Bear rug made from Recycled rugs