Sunday, June 12, 2011

Is there really such a thing as an orange cow?

We are currently working on doing the master bedroom in our new house - it is of course the last room to be finished for reasons not really know to either Mario or I?  We had a hard time getting the right inspiration i guess and then all of a sudden it is coming together....the reason of this post is not to show the bedroom - but the cool new cowhide bench that came into the store made for us from a company in montreal.
The hide is dyed Orange - this one came out a little bright - so hopefully the next ones will be in an Hermes Orange - the hide is then added to the shiny metal criss cross frame for a lovely custom bench in front of our bed.

If you notice - the Gerbera daisys that are in the white vase on the chest of drawers is the exact colour of the bench.......
So our next step for this room is to do an orange damask tone on tone wallpaper behind the bed  - stay tuned.......hopefully this wallpaper goes up easier then the last one did.....


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  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I actually want o see more of that bed cover......