Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The New Year brings in a touch of Orange

While off for the Christmas Holidays - I took some time to check out other blogs, and companies that we currently deal with to see what was new and exciting out in the industry.

Not suprisingly I found that the colour Orange has made a strong comeback.....sorry to the robins egg blue that was my friend for 7 years...but my orange - specifically my Hermes Orange has brought me more inspiration and given me a whole new direction with my store. Hermes released a new Mens Collection which included the Steve Messenger bag - named after the actor Steve McQueen - it of course comes in neutral colours like black and grey...but who could resist the messenger is Orange...

Hermes Steve Messenger Bag

Looking at what was coming New into the furniture market - I checked out the Furniture Mart in Las Vegas - similair to the furniture show in Toronto but on a huge scale. A couple of our suppliers have come out with some awesome new orange pieces. This one was a stunner - I think Mario and I both looked and thought...OMG where could it go?

Talk about amazing, the details on this bed even if it was not in Orange is still spectacular.

This same company calls their furniture Art - not furniture - obvious to see why - they are very careful to pay attention to details. There is a full line of acrylic chairs that put the ghost chair to shame. In this line is a collection of tables, side tables, ottomans and more - there is choice of fabrics that you can put - the orange velvet is the same orange as Hermes and really is quite beautiful

This is 100% New Zealand Wool rug from the same company which can also custom design anything you want

For those of you who are interested in the Mid Century era - which I actually feel like I am liking more and more - not all of it but the classic pieces - these are now available and I will probably carry some in the store.

the classic Eiffel chair in orange with wooden legs

One of my favorite pieces comes from Global Views - they are also know for quality pieces and are on the trend list in many of the top magazines - this wonderful desk is another of Mario and my OMG's and graced the cover of Neiman Marcus this past winter. The pale coloured wood - almost weathered looking is beautiful against the orange leather - again another keeper and something that would add such impact in a bedroom....Maybe Carrie from Sex and the City 2 would not have minded if Mr Big put the TV in this desk instead...

Last but not least ...I cannot leave without saying something about Fossil watches...now I know it is not furnishings - but i bought myself an Orange Fossil watch just before the holidays and it is complimented all the time - they have others which I just found on line and have been designed for Fossil from Philippe Starck....and again can I say.....OMG

Inspiration comes in many forms....I am always inspired by my children and my husband and had never really thought I was inspired by colour until I actually focused for a little bit....and my little touch of orange is and really has become my inspiration....This is the week my collection of Vintage Hermes boxes are arriving in my store and I cannot begin to say how excited I am to get them....I have had many things delivered - but who would have guessed that I would be inspired and excited for a bunch of empty orange boxes....


  1. I do love that orange bed....That picture on your blog header is gorgeous! The vignette as well as your beautiful child.

    I can see why you are obsessed with the Hermes boxes...something about them....almost as good with nothing inside.

  2. I love your blog. This is a cool site and I wanted to post a little note to tell you, good job! Best wishes!!!