Friday, December 17, 2010

My Inspiration - A little Orange Box...

Years ago when I opened my first store my inspiration was the Robins Egg....I did Robins Egg blue for almost 8 years and when looking for the inspiration of my new store - I found myself drawn to we are not talking about any old box was the colour of the Hermes orange with chocolate brown ribbon that drew me in - who could resist that....

I guess those of you who love Tiffany's could react, as the Tiffany Box is as popular an inspiration...the perfect blue the shade of turquoise almost... I guess both of these boxes, as both of the stores are tell tales of rich....wealth etc...but for those of us who cannot afford an Hermes Bag - specifically the one that I am coveting as my new messenger bag... the box is equally kind of satisfying  ( well sort of...if you have to settle of course)....I searched sites to see about buying Hermes boxes only and found that there are many of us out there who love boxes and using them in decorating not only for inspiration....

How can I resist?  I have been on the hunt and found a vintage clothing store that sells Hermes the dilema is ...when do I stop? I could fill my store with them and who knows what else...I am a bad collector..I do not like to wait for a collection to gather I want it and I want it I searched Ebay, Etsy, any site and found some more...even bought some from a store in my problem many more do I need?
Well..I guess when they all arrive I will know what I first thing will be my window display I know that for sure..but does it really matter...I just love them and if it makes me happy...I am sure it will also make someone else surely did the person I bought them from.

This will be me one day...skinny legs and all


  1. I saw tons of orange Christmas ornaments and garlands at HomeSense and thought of you this weekend!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. It's nice to meet a fellow fan of orange. :) Happy new year!

  3. Could you email me some places to get them ? (sites) ?