Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Twist to Christmas Decor

I am lucky enough to have grown up with traditions and I wanted our children to have the same, this week was Nicholaus - the nite of the 5th our children were supposed to polish their shoes and in the morning - the visit of St Nicholaus would bring them chocolates etc or if they were bad...then Black Peter would come and bring them a stick...after talking to a bunch of others who share this tradtion - we were all petrified of Black Peter - so we didnt even discuss this with our really - would our kids be bad?

Mario and I also talked about the christmas tree - I wanted it to be magical for our kids so we set it up on the Nicholaus nite and when Mari-Sol and Benji came down in the morning they saw this magical tree.....I will always remember Mari-Sols reaction and how sweet it was...

For our house though -we had worried that Benji would rip the tree down and all the ornaments would I went on the lookout for not only a colour scheme that would match the new tones of our house but something that the little man could not destroy... at Canadian Tire, Zellers and the Dollar store....would never have guessed that our tree could look sp wonderful and truly not look like they are mass produced unbreakable ornaments..

We carried the orange through the house in decor - those of you who read my blog also know that I spray painted the one wreath in orange - as pictured on the cabinet in our living room....

The one thing I do have to note is that orange is so not a traditional colour and yet it looks so beautiful in the tree and around our house..I love it and am pretty confident in saying it is probably my favorite of our trees so far

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  1. oranges with cloves have a beautiful natural look as well as a gorgeous fragrance, your colours have a long tradition.
    We wish you sweet dreams and memorable moments this season.
    Joanne and Jim