Saturday, February 19, 2011

The reveal of my ceiling......

When I moved into my new store space a couple months ago - it was a great space with school house lights, old tiled floor - good walls and character but it had the standard drop ceiling. I had fallen in love with the space because of the size and the simplicity of it and wanted to be able to change my look, my aesthetic and the overall feel.
It was not until Christine of Love the Design - who is moving next door to me removed her drop ceiling and our landlord had said that there was initially tin tiles under it.
Christines ceiling was drywalled over top - but I had taken a quick peek under my tiles and saw this mustard coloured ceiling. I could not live with myself - knowing that above me and under the pathetic tiles was this awesome ceiling waiting to be exposed. So I hired our contractor and lo and behold the reveal ( oddly enough I sat at my desk for almost 2 weeks pondering whether or not to do it) who could resist?
The detail of it is amazing - who would have thought that back in September I would move into my dream space and then have my dream ceiling. It is so beautiful. I come in now everday still in awe - a little dwarfed feeling as my ceiling is now 14ft high - but it is awesome...
My next steps are going to plaster the wall where the colour meets to look like an old french storefront - with aged walls - the back corner of the store already has it so I will copy the version to give the feel.

Someone came in the other day without knowing what the feel was supposed to be and she commented that she felt like she was in Paris. - Thats the feel. My aesthetic has changed to of course my Hermes Orange but also to old French and the feel of modern day France - my store is true to me - true to how I look at aged pieces and true to how I see modern - I am so happy with this space and cant wait for Christine to open next door...

so sources for doing this on your own....there are lots of replica ceiling tile places - authentic and old ceiling tiles can be purchased at 12 x 12 vintage tiles are a very inexpensive 6.00 each.
Post and Beam in the Junction carry antique pieces as does the Salvage Shop on Kingston Road.

New tiles are available online - Home Depot, Rona, Lowes etc all carry them. They are easy to apply and come in either tin or plastic and can be painted any colour.


  1. I can't wait to see your new store. What a find under those ceiling tiles.

  2. What a fabulous ceiling you have uncovered! It's hard to believe that someone covered that up at some point and probably thought they were making an improvement.