Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Classic Bergere broken and decaying turned into awesomeness......

I havent written anything in a while - not because I didnt want to but I dont want to be a person who writes about nothing....so I waited until some inspiration hit me.

I have been in business for sometime now - have had many upholsterers and was really quite happy to find the one that I currently have.

David of David's Upholstery has done work in Toronto for a couple years now - he studied in France working first on draperies etc, then apprenticing learning the trade of upholstery for a total of 7 years. His knowledge of fabric, furniture is awesome....he is great at what he does and I thought that I should toot his horn ( so to speak)

Years ago I purchased these early gilded french bergere chairs - I was excited when our picker brought them to our store and sold them to me - fairly inexpensively I might add. They were rough, well made and really quite wonderful. The original burlap was underneath and for many rentals was revealed.

Now keep in mind David has a very warped sense of humour - as you can tell in this first picture - he took the chairs totally apart and photographed them....Sick I know.

So....after seeing this pic...(which of course he knew would bother me....) the next pic was a little better. chairs now being reglued and reinforced.

We had decided to do the 2 chairs for Mari-sol's room - you know every 4 year old needs to have french gilded chairs in her room. I had sourced a fuscia cowhide from a supplier in the USA - found the fabric for the back from Designers Guild and was ready to watch the transformation.

David - takes great pride in his work - the chairs were resprung ( i think with the original springs) and redone on the bottom all of course by hand.
next step was to do the hide and decide if we wanted gold nailheads or a burnished version. I opted for gold to add some more sparkle and David hand nailed them in.

Getting closer to finishing I had gone in to make sure I loved the back fabric - I love the fabric itself and was concerned it would not work - but alas I did.....

The finished product was awesome - they came home today and are ready to go into Mari-sol's room - the feel of the cowhide and the contrast of the hide and colour against the aged patina on the wood is fantastic - the flower on the back from the fabric is equally as great.....

Yet again another job well done........so keep in mind if you live in or out of the city and need a fantastic upholsterer....David is your man......

BTW - you should see the orange cowhide ones he just finished for the store , I will add a pic in the next couple of days....


As you can see Mari-sol is very happy with her chair.....


  1. A good upholsterer is worth every penny, What a transformation for those chairs. Mari Sol is so lucky daddy has wonderfully exuberant taste!

  2. Good day administrator,
    Classic Bergere broken and decaying turned into awesomeness......
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