Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A challenge - if I were an Hermes orange fire hydrant - would you see me?

We had some friends over last night - enjoyed some nice wine, great food and excellent conversation. The talk lent itself towards my blog and how I see it....Its been great having feedback from people - everywhere that seem to like it - and I don't want to just write about new stuff in my store or things like picking flowers in the garden - so it has been challenging some times to write without thinking that I was not going to keep you intrigued.
I love what I questions asked I would never trade what I do...there has been many challenges in this business but the good definitely out ways the bad - so in the next few blogs I will stay true to myself and write about what I love and move on from there.

This time around for this posting - I need some advice...we have a bright yellow fire hydrant in front of the house - I haven't called the city yet to find out why it is yellow and not the common red throughout the city but I kind of want to paint it in a high gloss Hermes orange...I guess I don't know if it is allowed first of all - the hydrant is on our property but don't you  think we should be able to customize ( with limits and no extremes) our own hydrants? High gloss orange is really no different then the yellow - right?

So next steps - call the city and hopefully paint it......of course we all need a little more Hermes orange in our life.....

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