Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring is in the air and new product arriving .......

Well finally we are over what was a long winter again....Spring is somewhat in the air - next weekend it is easter and we have filled the store with lots of new product....and oddly enough for a person who is afraid of lots of pattern and colour...I brought in some amazing new pillows......
Inspired by Anthropologie - the oversize pillows are linen backed, down filled and quirky......the butterflies, moths, bugs and animals come in an array of styles and add a great pop statement to your home decor

New chairs - like the classic Concierge chair in burlap and black nail heads show case the bold blue butterfly pillow - chairs like the one below - a classic french style in weathered oak with an interesting orange ( of course) coral pattern

One of my favorite pillows is the Zebra print below......neutral in look but a great statment piece

and who can have spring without the glory of birds.......

Stop by to take a look.....and Happy Spring

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