Saturday, November 13, 2010


This thursday nite....Nov 18th from 7-10 Leslieville is host to Wanderlust..most stores and restaurants are participating. I decided I would serve "Fliktini's" of course orange in colour.  Bobette and Belle ( the newest addition to Leslieville ) will be preparing French Macaroons for sampling in our store.
Also that evening the store will feature more art from Christine Flynn - Love the Design. I have spoken about her work before and love it - high gloss resin photographs.

I have been re working the store with all the new merchandise that is coming in....pieces that make my heart go a flutter and then really wish I could take them home...we just got a set of French chairs in circa 1920 in original leather - they are amazing....the loveseat is new - it is french inspired with weathered oak trim and stuffed with down - a great piece as well.

And of course in spirit of the upcoming season - Orange christmas decorations.

Mario and I are trying to decide how to incorporate orange on our tree at home and found some unbreakable decorations at the dollar store and canadian tire - due to the reason that Benjamin is probably going to tear the tree down we figured we would be smart. Even though I love the variations of the orange ones above...they are glass and we are guessing will be the fasting things to home that is..

So Join me in my store on thursday nite....from 7-10 and share a Fliktini and a macaroon to start off the holiday season....

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