Saturday, October 16, 2010


Well the store is finally open - we actually opened a couple weeks ago and have been still tweaking it until I get the colour balance right...I love the new space - it feels like home inside and so far from the many customers coming through they all agree... I am adding a couple or more images of new product that is currently in my store - there are many one of a kind items that we have had made exclusive to Flik and I think most of you will like the orange as the new blue....

The metal cabinets come in various sizes , art of course is from Love the Design - by Christine Flynn - her work can be seen in my store and in her gallery under Quince flowers past Broadview on Queen or her site

I am working on a bedroom right now for a client - Chloe - she is 6 years old - she painted the below picture of the ladybugs and it will be the new addition to her room makeover...Christine actually attached it to a wooden mount and resined it is an awesome piece of art that she will not only have for her life but it has become this one of a kind beauty with a modern high gloss art gallery finish

The colour orange has been brought in to the store in accessory form - custom Louis Vuitton or Chanel pillows, furnishings like the custom upholstered chairs and much more.

Stop by sometime...we are open Mon - Sat 10 till 5, Sun 11-4 and Closed Tuesdays
There is a lower level as well which has some amazing pieces.
Thank you to all of you for your loyal support and thanks to those of you who have welcomed me in the new Hood....


  1. I am so pround of you my husband and I know how much hard work you put in your store.

    Congratulation you deserve it!!

  2. Hello! I stopped by your store today (with 2 of my friends who were admiring your horse toy downstairs). Your store is gorgeous and I love that you focus on using antiques in your design! Congrats! Sandy

  3. Well Congratulations,you know I am a huge fan already,but this place is magic!!!!
    I will come in to see for myself soon!!