Saturday, April 24, 2010


Over the past couple of years it has become quite obvious that Industrial edge has made it big in design....the odd thing I find is that it doesn't only appeal to one type of person...We received a shipment of Vintage Metal Doctors cabinets and it amazed me to see that every type or person - age , race or sex loved them.....there were few people that had no desire for the cabinets but for the most part everyone loved them...

Pick up any French magazine right now and see that the industrial edge is a hot look in Paris, hot looks in the UK and all over the place including right in our own City....the look mixes well with french pieces, with rustic pieces and even more so with contemporary looks. It has that patina that looks amazing in many vignettes and the most important thing is that it is all so Eco friendly - the new movement of recycling. When being in my store on weekdays I watch the scrap metal guys drive by - the one day someone had stopped at the light in front of my store and he had this amazing metal locker on the truck - on his way to the scrap metal idea where that is but it could be fun to look through...I stopped him - asked if he would sell it to me and he did....also told him to keep looking for more items like was a shame to realize how many of these kinds of pieces actually do go to the metal yards now and what little amount of money they get for them..

I have since made friends with lots of scrap metal guys and have found myself some really great doesn't just come down to metal pieces though - art has become very influenced with industrial images - the vintage subway signs from NY - you see them in lots of places now - a friend of ours does them for our store on a hardwood backing and resin finish over top in our signature Robins egg blue colour and they are amazing...we actually yesterday just got some authentic signs in from NY - something not sure if I am going to frame out and keep or if I am going to sell...I'll give it some thought and it will probably be in my store shortly....Christine from love the design also does smaller art with typeset and letraset - the images she does are awesome and fit into so many levels of design... the resin finish makes it feel modern and crisp.

So many websites have popped up that sell only industrial pieces and now there are actually companies reproducing pieces in vintage metal...We are in the process of fine tuning some details with a company in India that will replicate pieces that we design in vintage metals....everything from sideboards to dining rooms to chairs...keep watching for more information.

The great thing about working and owning a store like mine is seeing all these great items come through with so much beauty - something I never thought i would say about a rusty piece of metal but something that is very true - the craftsman ship - crude or not makes the pieces a statement in any kind of decor....


  1. i'm loving the industrial pieces...saw the look in the movie 100 days of Summer inspiring. thank you.

  2. I love your metal pieces too your shop looks so interesting!

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    Hope all is well in Leslieville :)