Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Art of Wallpapering

Since I have a little bit of time off....Mario and I  decided to take the wallpaper that was intended for our bedroom  out of the wrap- wallpaper that we bought almost 6 months ago....wallpaper that...well...I can honestly say that the last time I did this was years ago in our old farmhouse with my mother in her bedroom...the wallpaper then was self pasting ( I think that was what it was called) and a lovely floral with big cabbage roses...that in this time of my life I would hate.

The paper we bought was from Graham and Brown from England and something that was supposed to compliment our Louis XVI mirrored bed. I won the choice of the colour and style - Mario wanted us to move ahead with an apple blossom on a pale blue background that I thought was too feminine....I guess we will never know..
Anyway - it was simple enough to install....there was a quart of a paste that would allow the paper to adhere and then all the basics - a sponge, scraper, knife etc...
The first piece was hung and it looked and somewhat felt like I was hanging a heavy duty wrapping paper - I started to feel not too convinced that I would like it....but for any of you that know me - especially my husband I would not admit it ....yet.

I continued for the next 2 hours or so.....went downstairs once or twice to check on the kids and let Mario smooth out some of the air bubbles....
Coming to an end and specifically a corner that did not want to cooperate with me the paper was up - I would let it sit until tomorrow and do the cuts at the ceiling and the baseboard...hoping that the bubbles that were still somewhat there would dissapear....
Cleaning up was simple...the quart of the paste was finished for the wall - it is roughly 10 x10 and it took the quart to hang the 6 panels I put up.
Now the issue......it is dark outside and we both Hate it....Mario claims it looks like a grandmas room - I dont think that, but I do think the wallpaper does not go with the lamps we have currently - We will look to see the Kartell Bourgie Lamps that look 3 dimensional candles - we saw them in Paris a couple years back and loved them then and despite the fact that they are somewhat more available....they really are not
so........I will take a picture of the room in the daylight tomorrow and see.....we will give it a chance - there is a moosehead made of papermache from an Artist in South Africa that we have in the center above the bed.....it too looks a little odd.....I have a pic of the bedroom wall prior to wallpaper which I will add tomorrow with a before and after - maybe we should have waited another 6 months....
well tomorrow is another day and hopefully after sleeping on it for a night - it will look all brighter in the morning..

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