Friday, December 3, 2010

The Pie Shack has been Flik'd

 I was lucky enough to have Tim from the Pie Shack call upon me to do the interior of his new venture The Pie Shack - he is one cool guy with a lot of energy and a passion for Pie....

His location was small but he knew what he wanted in it...a casual space where someone might walk in and feel like they were in their old cottage...something that felt like you wanted to stay there and just enjoy a great cup of coffee and a delicious piece of pie..

the quote from his site :
I love life and I love pie, I mean real pie, the kind I grew up on made by my mom and all the moms in my neighbourhood.
I love people and love talking to them or just hanging around them.
I love cozy places, places that are like old sweaters…comfortable, and welcoming.
Well The Pie Shack is that place, my dream place, where the pies are not just the best pies but unforgettable.
Tim McConvey
"The Pie Guy"

Last week Tim called me to see if I would decorate the space for Christmas....understanding that since the place already had so much character I would need to use neutral christmas decorations....I remember doing the paint by numbers as art in his space, the rustic door tables and work benches and then last years addition of the sofas- vintage and really quite the perfect the tame golds and creams in the christmas decor would work well....

Little reindeer on the tables with pine comb candles finished off the decor and when I was finished..Tim was happy and knew I would be the right person to do the job....

The thing about the Pie Shack is....not only is the food great , the atmosphere fun - but Tim is the best...he loves what he does and it shows...and I have to say from my experience that is why we hit it off.....

Stroll down to the beaches and enjoy a piece of pie....


  1. very cute. nicely done. i'm coveting those chairs.

  2. I was just walking by there with a friend yesterday and she remarked on how beautiful the interior was - and I popped over to your blog today to read this ---! Can't wait to go check it out. :)